Correspondent’s Message

Er. K. Janardhan,   B.E., M.Tech

       The UG Courses in India has witnessed a phenomenal growth.Taking into consideration of the opportunities that are available in India as well as globally for  graduates, still there is a dearth for qualified  graduates. The present enrollment is quite satisfactory to meet the global demand. However, if one looks carefully into the employable segment among the qualified Graduates, it is a miniscule.

       The status report on UG Courses  of quality improvement program of Government of India, remarked that India boasts of having institutions comparable to the best in the world. However, much has to be done in respect to the quality of education is concerned. In this scenario, the onus is on enhancing the quality of education to make the qualified graduates employable globally.

       To achieve highest quality - the system that is responsible in training the graduates must undergo transformation in respect to: Imparting the latest technical methodologiesinculcating among the students the zeal to experiment, innovate understand the societal needs in India as well as globally and the implications of new technology on the society and environment